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Clinic Update: JAN 14

Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a safe and happy festive season and wish you a healthy start to 2014. 

Appointments for the new year are available from Tuesday 7th of January 2014. Melbourne CBD appointments will now be available on Tuesdays 10.00am to 7.30pm (previously available Mondays). Appointments at Vitality HUB in Prahran are available Wednesday through to Saturday. To arrange a time, please call:

Charlie Lily Reception, Melbourne CBD - 03 9078 6977
Vitality HUB Reception, Prahran - 03 8199 8000

Do you need supplement repeats before your next appointment? If so, please let me know and I can arrange for these to be available for pick up at either clinic reception.

Are You In Need Of A Reboot?

Has 2013 left you feeling exhausted? We often look toward the festive break as an opportunity to relax and renew. However, for many people the holiday period contributes to further stress, poor eating habits, overindulging in alcohol, and lack of rest. Fatigue, poor concentration, sluggishness, and weight gain are all common presenting complaints in January. It is also easy to fall off the tracks with with your current health plan during this period. If this sounds like you, it is the perfect time for a "reboot" with a range of solutions that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Express Detox

The express detox is a two week supplement-assisted dietary program that is designed to reboot your system and get you on track for a healthy 2014. It is perfect for anyone who has overindulged over the festive season or is feeling generally a little sluggish. 

Wellness Plan Review

If you have lost momentum with your current health plan or your health status has changed it may be the perfect time to review your plan and create new goals for 2014.

Professional Weight Management Program

Have you gained weight over the Christmas Break? Lose those extra kilos with the "Shake It" Professional Weight Management Program, a six week supplement-assisted, healthy eating program.

Diet and Nutritional Plan

Is your New Year's Resolution to eat healthier? Book an appointment to develop your own personalised diet plan. A Diet and Nutritional Plan makes eating simple for you and includes a recommended food list, weekly meal planner, food prescription, and recipes.

Book Today!

Book an appointment with Adrian today to get your New Year started right by calling Prahran Reception on 03 8199 8000 or Melbourne CBD Reception on 03 9078 6977.

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