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How Naturopathy Can Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

Often weight loss is viewed as a short-term task to undertake, a set way of eating, for a set time, with a target weight in mind. Generally once you arrive at your goal you return to your normal eating habits. Dieting in this manner often results in you gaining back the weight and may reset your metabolism to store more fat. Often in the process you may expose yourself to unsafe eating practices, causing issues such as fatigue, mood swings, and nutrient deficiencies. 

So how can you effectively lose weight and keep it off? 

An essential step is to let go of the idea of diets. One weight loss template does not work for everyone. Therefore, it is important to approach weight management on an individual basis, identifying what specific factors may be stopping you from losing weight. This includes the way you eat and the foods you consume.

As a naturopath, I view weight management as an ongoing process rather than a short-term fix. Good eating practices are vital and managing your weight is more than counting calories and getting the right ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrates. It is about choosing the right types of food for you and your metabolism.

Unfortunately in many circumstances good eating practices aren’t enough. There may be underlying physiological factors that may be impeding your ability to lose weight, including nutrient deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances, inflammation, toxicity, and stress. My aim is to identify these factors preventing you from losing weight and develop a plan that is specific to your health needs and lifestyle. Commonly a naturopathic approach may utilise nutritional and herbal therapeutics, along with practical diet and lifestyle coaching.

In some circumstances, a well-structured weight loss program may be appropriate for you. Choosing the right program is important. Equally important is having a long-term plan for either maintaining or continuing your weight loss once the program comes to an end.

So if you are looking for long-term solutions for your weight issues, need recommendation on the best program to suit your needs, or believe there may be an underlying factor stopping you from achieving your goals, book an initial naturopathy consultation today. Let it be the first step on your road to better health.

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