"Hi my name is Renuga Veeran, currently in the Australian Badminton National Team. For the past 2 years I have been involved in a full-time training regime to qualify and compete at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It also involved heavy gym sessions, healthy eating  and personal weight management plans. 

I have now been seeing Adrian Harper Naturopath for a year and I am stoked with my results and how it made me perform at the Olympic games. I was very impressed with Adrian’s Professional Weight Management Program, which is what I did for my weight management and better performance. In just 2 months I saw a massive difference and I lost 6kgs. I have tried many other diets previously and I have to say the advice and help I got from Adrian did give me the successful weight loss and improvement in my performance overall.

For that I would like to thank him personally for all his help and advice he has given me not only for this time but creating awareness about healthy eating as a whole and created a lifestyle change  for myself for the years to come. "


"Adrian took the time to listen to my history and review the foods I consume and my individual dietary needs. The suggestions and solutions Adrian gave me were very encouraging. I'd already had a lot advise on diet, allergies and intolerances before, but with Adrian's coaching, professional care, interesting recipes and other foods to try, have renewed my enthusiasm to stay on track with healthy food choices.
I'm looking forward to my next review and more suggestions for my general well being. For me personally implementing changes in diet and lifestyle gradually, works better than radical approaches. Adrian asks me questions about how I'm going and how I'm feeling etc. and helps me work out foods to include/exclude and many other helpful tips to stay feeling on top of my game.
Seeing a naturopath like Adrian is like having a wellness and lifestyle trainer. I had tried to guide my self with certain health foods, supplements, fitness sessions and I had made some mistakes and miscalculations. Paying for professional advice always ends up paying for itself in my opinion and I feel supported on my journey to good health.  Thank you Adrian."


Caulfield North